Hello There, Thanks for stopping by and taking your precious time to get to know me. Here is little bit of my heart. I Am Avina, a girl with a dream in her heart to spread positivity and happiness all around the world.


Life is a gift and we are fortunate to receive it. The next moment I again ask the same question


The answer lies in the way you take your life forward.

Everyone is running in a race without knowing their purpose, their calling just running without knowing where and when to stop.

How Positivity Entered My Life?

Thanks to my mother for imbibing the seed of positivity in my soul from birth which led me today here to spread it more. She was the one who gave me the eyesight of seeing good in every situation. I still remember our childhood conversation

Avina – Mom she was talking bad behind my back, even I will do the same.

Mom – If you will also do the same then what difference will be left between you and her.

If someone does bad to you, just forgive them and forget it, you don’t have to become bad because of that. Wow-what a teaching she gave to me and thus here I welcomed positivity in my life.

Why this Blog?

Our mind is always occupied with lots of things so I lost the track of my calling as I was growing but some of the other ways my soul was always craving for it, so I used to attract positive books, positive people, positive courses which always kept me in touch. Though I wandered in every other field but finally landed up to one goal and that is my calling – SPREAD POSITIVITY, SPREAD AWARENESS. This blog is to share happiness with all of you to tell you that life is beautiful and can be lived peacefully. I love to talk to people about life experiences, to help them, to learn from them, to connect and share positivity.

What will you get?

Positivity the word has the best feeling, it instantly vibrates us. Is Positivity easy? Is it tough? Lots of questions crossing your mind I Know but trust me It’s a beautiful journey which helps you to live your life peacefully. Everyone is looking for someone to help them, to solve their problems, to understand them, so my main goal is to solve your issues and help you to live a better and meaningful life. We all know lots of things but are we applying it in our lives? so in this blog, I will talk about everything in detail which will nourish your life.

Let’s connect and make this world beautiful by being positive. Subscribe and stay open to my updates. Love and Blessings to all of you.

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