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Self Love Meditation.

What is self love meditation? Self-love is the most important tool to live a happy life. This meditation is designed in a way where one focuses on every part of their body and send immense love to it. Why self love meditation is important? These days people are occupied with so many things that they …


Mantra Meditation

What is mantra meditation? Mantra meditation is a meditation where you specifically choose a mantra which you keep on reciting again and again till the time of your meditation. This meditation is specifically made to train your subconscious mind. By repeating the mantra again and again your mind tends to believe it as truth and …


Mindfulness Meditation.

What is Mindfulness Meditation? Mindfulness meditation is all about being present. Where is your mind running? What are you currently thinking? Is it positive or is it negative? How are you feeling at this moment? How to do Mindfulness Meditation? Sit in a quiet place, where you can be just yourself. Close your eyes and …

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Breath Awareness Meditation

What is Breath Awareness Meditation? Breath awareness meditation focuses completely on your breathing. It takes you to the observance of your breathing pattern. It will increase your consciousness. It will help you to keep your mind in present. It relaxes your mind and body. How to do breath awareness mediation? Find a quiet place where …


What is Mediation?

Meditation is the term we are hearing a lot these days. Every now and then people come and say us to meditate. but what exactly is meditation and what changes it brings to our life? So today here I will try to give you all the insights about the term meditation. what I know is …


What should I do in life?

Oh my God! The most asked question in this world. Go wherever you want, you will always be surrounded with this one question ” WHAT SHOULD I DO IN LIFE “ We always have this moment in our lives where we don’t know what to do next, then we crash our mind completely with tons …


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