The moment I arrived in this world, I was ready to see the person with a combination of a smile on his face and tears in his eyes and here I am ready to connect with one more person in my life i.e My Dad.

Dads are our superheroes. He loves us like he can do anything for us. We have the next level of craziness for him because we wait the whole day to see him.

Yes, I agree he can’t give us the time we need but understand the reason behind that. He is doing just for us so that we can access everything easily so that we can fulfil our wishes so that we can live our life happily. Since we all know every dad says this words “Mere bache ko life me koi cheez ki kami nahi honi chaiye. I will do everything to make their life better and easy.”

Fathers have different faces, Some are strict, Some are funny, Some are silent, Some are talkative but they all have one thing in common and that’s their love for children. I still remember the time I used to wake up in the middle of the night saying mom I am thirsty and was afraid to go in the dark, he used to instantly wake up saying wait I will bring water for you and then I used to drink that and sleep with a smile on my face feeling wow he loves me so much.

Not every father is expressive but this should not lower his love for you. Look at his actions, understand his love without him saying anything, Today if we are able to live such a smooth life it’s all because of our parents. It’s time to be grateful and fulfil our responsibilities towards them.

When he returns back home, show the same love which you used to show in childhood. Bring that level of excitement back in your life. Sit with him, talk with him, ask him how was your day, ask him how you can help him to relieve his stress and be together again.

I know today you are big, you must be thinking he doesn’t understand me, your views don’t match but it’s okay it will happen, not every time is the same. But we can try to handle things in a better way. Try to discuss, try to understand each other, Try to avoid argument and be together in this journey of life because now “He is growing and he needs you the same way he was there for you when you were growing.

A person who has no fixed time of doing lunch or taking rest or going on vacation according to his wish. A person who is always up to something. A person who thinks of you before anything else. He has to manage everything and that person is no one but your DAD. Don’t you think all he needs is love, love and love? Today everyone reading this call your dad and say I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

stay happy, stay blessed

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