Life is a treasure and I want to explore it. I don’t want my life to be boring, sad, stressful instead I want my life to be exciting, happy, outgoing and this can be achieved only with the help of positivity. Positivity guides me to live a healthy and happy life. There is a misconception regarding being positive, that positive people don’t get sad and so on. No To be positive doesn’t mean you will have zero problems in your life. Of course, you will have problems in your life but positive people take these problems as challenges and always learn from it and rise higher.

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My Story

I am a girl who believes to live its life peacefully and positivity helps me to do this. I was very young when my friend gave me this book The Secret . The first book I read. Wow! What a book, changed my life completely. This book taught me that what is positive and what is negative. How one can live a happy life, How one can achieve whatever they desire, Yes it’s all possible but only with the help of positivity. I know lots of questions must be running in your mind about how it can be possible, etc. I went through the same phase let me take you to the details of it; hold your breath you are going to get the treasure of living a happy life.

What is Positive?

· Positive means to always see the good side of the coin.

· Positive means to accept whatever comes your way with a good attitude.

· Positive means to never give up.

· Positive means to manage everything with a calm mind.

· Positive means to feed your mind daily with good thoughts.

· Positive means to stop entertaining gossips around you.

· Positive means to work on yourself.

If you want to live a positive life, you have to constantly work on yourself because the important point of being positive is “change begins with you, you are the creator of your life.” So, if anything in your life you want to change then it should begin with you.

Positivity brings clarity to your life. It helps you to understand everything correctly. You become in charge of your happiness. It’s like you take control of your life in your hand.

You stop complaining about life and learn to accept everything with maturity. What more you want, you will have all the answers within you. Life gets sorted and easy.

Positivity is a vast concept but one sure gets into transformation once he decides to take the route of positivity because positivity has amazingly changed my life and my only purpose of life is to spread more awareness about this since I believe the fact that life is beautiful and one must live it happily. You never know until you try so for today I will recommend you to go and read the book THE SECRET BY RHONDA BYRNE, this might be your turning point of life too.

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