What is Mindfulness Meditation?

  • Mindfulness meditation is all about being present.
  • Where is your mind running?
  • What are you currently thinking?
  • Is it positive or is it negative?
  • How are you feeling at this moment?

How to do Mindfulness Meditation?

  • Sit in a quiet place, where you can be just yourself.
  • Close your eyes and relax yourself completely
  • Relax your mind, body and soul.
  • Give sometime so that your breathing gets normal.
  • Do not force yourself to focus on a particular thing, just go with the flow.
  • Without any judgement, observe your thoughts.
  • Just see where it’s going, be conscious about it.
  • Don’t listen to other noises around you, concentrate on what is going inside.

You can practice this meditation anytime in a day. This is my personal way of doing meditation and it helps me in a lot of ways. Try this and let me know how it goes. Any doubts or anything that bothers you, feel free to email me. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest update of my posts.

Mindful meditation helps to bring you in a current moment and let you observe where your mind is heading. This way you can keep a check on your thoughts where you could eliminate unnecessary thoughts that are creating hurdles in your life. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

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