The first relation of our life is being a child and we are blessed to receive this gift. Thank you universe for the gift of life. We didn’t choose this relation, it was just gifted and one day here we are in her arms who is called My Mother.

Mother and children relation are the most special ones. Here we stay inside her for 9 long months so the attachment in this relation will always be incomparable.

Her touch, her way of making us sleep on her lap, her way of singing us a lullaby, her way of making us laugh, her way of loving us unconditionally, her way of fulfilling all our wishes, her way of teaching us values, her way of making us responsible. Wow, She does so much for us still how can someone just forget all this and stop loving her?????

When we were children, we used to ask so many repeated questions to her and she used to answer all of those without any delays so today what if she asks us repeated questions about technology or anything, why do we get hyper or irritate so soon? Is this the right way to pay back her love???

Some say it was her duty to raise me and she did it. How can you say such a mean sentence? Yes it was her responsibility and she is doing amazing in that, don’t we have some responsibility??? Saying such lines won’t free you from your responsibility.

Some say we never got motherly love? I am sorry about that but it’s never too late. you can modify your relation now also. Yes it will take time, Yes it will take efforts “but the sooner you choose to do, the sooner you will see results.”

She is our mom, she needs our love, not our disrespectful nature. She has done a lot now it’s our time to nurture her with love and care.

She has complete right on us. The independent word is not allowed to use over here. she has not given us birth to see this day.

So mend your broken relations and just love each other and bring those childhood memories back and stay happy.

Not every relationship is the same, so if you feel like no I can’t do this, mine relation can never be solved. All I will suggest is there is no harm in trying. At times we misunderstand few people in our lives and then it goes on for life. If you want any help or want to talk in detail I am just a mail away.

We are blessed to have a mother who loves us and always stands beside us, It’s our time take stand for her and love her and look after her and understand her and appreciate her and say her I LOVE YOU, MOM.

stay happy, stay blessed

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