The most happening relationship we have been gifted with is having siblings.

Wow only thinking about them makes me laugh that how funny this relation is and the incidents we shared in childhood were hilarious.

Siblings are like Tom and Jerry they will always keep fighting but they cannot stay without each other.

I will share my story. I am the third child in my family, the first is my brother and the second is my sister. So basically, I have the combination of both a protective brother who used to make sure no one teases me except him and a smart sister who used to finish her chocolate fast just to have mine too (hahaha). She is going to kill me after reading this.

Trust me, my childhood was amazing they used to be on one side and I used to be on the other side, since I was the younger one, to tease me was their only job. and the only thing I used to do was going to mom and unfold their all the secrets. Childhood was real fun.

Now that we are big, We have become enough mature to handle each other secret carefully. Now I have the ones, whom I can share my problems with, whom I can speak my heart out without being judged, whom I can trust easily. These people are like my thick walls who will always be around me to guide me, to love me and to tease me always because few things never change and they still enjoy to pull my legs(every last child will agree to it)

I am blessed to have siblings and one should always have a sibling because to grow with someone who knows all your good and bad and still chooses to be with you is a blessing. Siblings come in all the forms sometimes they will be your friends, sometimes your teacher, sometimes your competitor, sometimes your protector, sometimes your parents, sometimes your secret keeper, sometimes your motivator and always your brother and sister.

So be grateful If you are blessed with siblings. love never outgrows, If you have lost the track of them then connect with them again. It’s better late than never. Who doesn’t fight, who doesn’t have problems but holding on is never an option. Forgive and Forget. Remember your old days and rebound again and make it work. Not everyone is blessed with a sibling and if you are blessed then making it work should always be your priority.

This post is to cheer my relation with my amazing brother and sister. I LOVE YOU GUYS and thank you for everything you do for me. If you guys feel the same for your sibling then call them and express your love towards them. Thank you for reading.

stay happy stay blessed

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  1. True sibblings are the best part of our life.. If siblings are there we don’t need any other person to share our secrets..

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