• A relationship is a relation where two or more people connect with each other.
  • We are bounded in different relations. Some relations are just gifted whereas some we get to choose.
  • It doesn’t matter the relationship is gifted or chosen,
  • What matters is do we maintain that relation or just give up on that?
  • Are we happy in that relationship or just stretching it?
  • Is there love or just formality?
  • Is there respect or just complaints?

Thinking about all the questions above mentioned, I came to realize that every relationship is precious and needs attention. But as time passes we just lack the spark of our relations which should not happen. Relationship is just like plants, as plants need utmost love and care to grow, if they are left unattended they will get destroyed, the same concept applies over here. If we don’t tend to look after our relations then it will die one day and no one wants to go through that day. So before it gets too late, let us together heal our relations one by one. Yes, you read that right!!!! ONE BY ONE because the relationship is not only about couple, it’s about Friends, Families, Teachers, children, many unnamed relations too.

So my motive is to enlighten you about how every relationship is special and what we can do to make that relationship remain fresh forever. Stay tuned for my next posts where I will discuss more about it. Thank you for reading.

Stay happy, Stay blessed

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