What does freedom word actually mean?
As per my understanding, freedom means freeing yourself from all the negativity.

To release your uneasiness from your body, mind and life.

To permit yourself to make upright decisions.

To reshape your house into a happy and blessed home.

To make your closed ones happy and help them to know this world of positivity.

To spread your knowledge of peace, happiness, liveliness etc.

To free yourself from any kind of guilt you are holding onto.

To stop disliking or cursing people unnecessarily.

To stop entertaining negative ones and giving them importance.

To quit your gossip groups and indulging into like minded positive groups.

You are the owner of your life so the remote of your life should be with you, it should be only you who should control your life, make your life meaningful, worthy and walk in the bright direction of your life, choose your path of journey wisely.

You are the only one who can give yourself freedom from all the things that are holding you back. We all know we have to live this life then why not survive it BLISSFULLY?

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