Meditation is the term we are hearing a lot these days. Every now and then people come and say us to meditate. but what exactly is meditation and what changes it brings to our life? So today here I will try to give you all the insights about the term meditation. what I know is now what you will know.


Meditation is all about relaxing your body, soul and mind. Meditation is a practice that an individual uses to calm its mind by doing various practices. People think that meditation is really tough, I can’t sit silently, I will get bore, it’s not my cup of tea and so and so…… but until and unless you try something new, how will you know it? Before jumping to any conclusion I would recommend you to at least give it a try. Even my mind had lots of questions before practising meditation that what is it? Is it really helpful? etc. But then I made up my mind and went for it and today there is not a single day where I don’t meditate.

Benefits of doing meditation

  • Meditation brings stability in life.
  • It helps to increase our focus and concentration.
  • It brings awareness in day to day activities.
  • It helps to relax our mind and body.
  • It brings creativity to our life.
  • It helps us to live in present.
  • It helps us to get rid of unwanted emotions.
  • It helps us to bring clarity in life.
  • It brings positivity all around us.

There are lots of benefits in practising meditation. Once you start doing it, you will observe it results. Meditation is a really simple thing to do, you just need to know which meditation to do when and what are the various types of meditation.

The mediation will change your life in a better way. Stay tuned to my upcoming post to know the different types of meditation and how you can use it on your daily basis.

Stay happy, Stay blessed

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