I strongly believe in God. Our Existence is because of God.
The Universe, The World, The earth, Nature, The Water, The Environment, The Humans every single Creature is because of God😇
God is everywhere, God is in everyone🙏
God is the one who possesses the highest energy. Whenever I feel low, I connect myself to God or I go to temple or I simply sit at home and close my eyes and think of him and that’s it I feel re-energized and refreshed.

Trust in God.

If you really trust in God, surrender yourself completely to him, all your problems, all your worries, all your pain, all your stress just surrender everything to God and believe him that he will help you to get through it. Accept everything and feed one thing in mind that God always has your back, he knows what he is doing, have faith in him and go with the flow.

Nowadays, people curse him if something goes wrong with them and easily forgets him when they are happy. Why is this so?

God is not the reason for your unhappiness, he is helping you in a way which you don’t even realize,

He gives you the strength to overcome your fears,

He gives you positivity to tackle negativity, he gives you the courage to fight your problems,

He gives you the vision to see good in everything,

God is always standing beside you.


He will give you THE BEST in your life. He is always with us. His blessings are always with us. Thank you, God for always being with us.

Stay happy, Stay blessed

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